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Prices my vary based on certain model vehicles because of size and dirtiness.

Stated prices are a baseline estimate and should not be taken as final price



Starting at


  • Pressure wash

  •  Foam Cannon coating

  •  2 Bucket Hand Wash

  • Wheels and Rims Deep Cleaned

  • Glass Cleaned

  • Waxing on All Pain

​        (2 - 3 months of Protection)



Starting at


  • 3 Bucket Hand Wash

  • Wheels and Rims Deep Cleaned

  • Glass Cleaned

  • Waxing on All Paint

  • Decontamination of Paint of Bugs, Tar, Sap, Ect

  • Decon. Left Over Impurities with Clay Bar

  • Iron/ Brake Dust Removal

        (if necessary)

  • Tires Dressed to a Shine

  • Ceramic infused Sealant Applied on Clear Coat and Windshield

         (6-12 Month Of Protection)

  • Optional Upgrade to a 1-year to 8-year Ceramic Coating and/or Polishing Services

  • How long does a Exterior Detail take?
    Generally an Exterior Detail can take from 1 to 4 hours depending on the size and condition of the vehicle
  • What if I have rust spotting, overspray, or sap?
    We have special techniques, tools, and chemicals to take care of many types of decontamination on the paint, including these, but especially tasking fixes may require additional charges to take care of. Also, taking decontamination off the paint can cause marring on paint so it is recommended that we polish or correct the clear coat after a heavy decontamination.
  • What would you do for a faded car?
    Our soaps and chemicals have paint conditioners that can boost the color of a car with just a wash and wax's and especially ceramic coatings will give a vehicle a real pop to the eye as well as increasing gloss tenfold but for oxidized, burnt, faded, or scratched paint the best treatment is to correct or polish the paint to cut these negatives out of the paint entirely. Trim can also be restored for long periods of time using stains and conditioners as well.
  • What is there to gain from cleaning my car? Especially with the environment how it is up here in the ADKs?
    Though is thought to be useless to clean your vehicle because "it's just going to get dirt again" with waxes, and especially ceramic coatings, its possible to keep your vehicle not only a lot cleaner than it would be without protection but also 10x easier to clean. At the same time, when your vehicle is coated it's going be unaffected by the otherwise harmful effects of road salt, dirt, brake dust, ect, conserving the value of the vehicle in the long run, while looking significantly sleeker.


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